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Alfred Hitchcock: The Graveyard Man

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock: The Graveyard Man


  • Dark tales unearthed by the master of the macabre

Back Cover

"Some of the best and most eerie story material in the world can be found in the locale where I am pictured on the cover."

So writes Alfred Hitchcock, King of Chills and Master of the Macabre, in the introduction to this latest unholy collection of tales.

And he backs up his claim by presenting herein for your delectation stories by such literary ghouls as Robert Bloch, Avram Davidson, Lawrence Treat, Henry Slesar and many more.

We suggest you check on your nerves before ven­turing into this domain of death.


  1. The Cemetery Man by C.B. Gilford
  2. Spook House by Clark Howard
  3. Poltergeist by W. Sherwood Hartman
  4. A Killing in the Market by Robert Bloch
  5. Never Marry a Witch by C.B. Gilford
  6. A Shot from the Dark Night by Avram Davidson
  7. Murder Delayed by Henry Slesar
  8. Shoot a Friendly Bullet by Lawrence Treat
  9. The Man in the Lobby by William Link & Richard Levinson
  10. The Shunned House by Robert Edmond Alter