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Alfred Hitchcock: The Hollywood Years (1992) by Joel W. Finler

author Joel W. Finler
publisher Anova Books (1992)
ISBN 0713467193 (paperback)

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This biography assesses Hitchcock's American career, from his arrival in Hollywood in 1939 right up to his last film in the 1970s. These years cover Hitchcock's most accomplished period of film-making when he thoroughly established his reputation as a master of suspense.


  1. Introduction
  2. Hitchcock and Selznick - Rebecca and Foreign Correspondent
  3. RKO and Universal - from Mr and Mrs Smith to Shadow of a Doubt
  4. War films and Selznick again - from Lifeboat to The Paradine Case
  5. Hitchcock goes independent - transatlantic - Hope and Under Capricorn
  6. Warner Bros. - from Stage Fright to Dial M For Murder
  7. Paramount - from Rear Window to The Man Who Knew Too Much
  8. The peak years in America - from The Wrong Man to Marnie
  9. Hitchcock in decline - from Torn Curtain to Family Plot
  10. filmography