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Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense (2006) by Kees Moerbeek

author Kees Moerbeek
format pop-up book
publisher Simon & Schuster (2006)
ISBN 1416904670 (hardback, UK)
ISBN 0689875959 (hardback, USA)
links LibraryThing

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"Psycho" - "Vertigo" - "The Birds" - everyone's favourite Hitchcock chillers are here, immortalised in striking pop-up spreads. The spiral staircase from "Vertigo" has never looked so precarious as it does here, in all its 3-D glory... Each spread is also accompanied by juicy snippets of information about the creation of the movies, which will delight and fascinate film buffs.


Grade 6 Up – This oversize, square-format pop-up book celebrates the great director by devoting a spread apiece to seven of his better-known suspense films. Each opening is dominated by a huge, often abstract montage of stills and iconic images that rises up, enhanced by acetate windows and glimpses of moving heads or other body parts. Each spread also contains a brief, spoiler-ridden plot summary, sometimes with commentary on how a cinematic effect was achieved, and a side flap that highlights Hitchcock's trademark cameo appearance. Plainly designed for the collectors' market but featuring unusually inventive paper engineering and evocative, unsettling visual effects, this 3-D tribute–like Maxim Jakubowski and Ron Van Der Meer's The Great Movies: Live (S & S, 1987)–may entice a new generation to check out these classics of the silver screen.
— John Peters, New York Public Library, School Library Journal