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Alfred Hitchcock: The Signature Collection - Warner Brothers (France, 2004)

Alfred Hitchcock: The Signature Collection


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  • <a href="../../strangersonatrain/4605/index.php">Strangers on a Train</a> is a 2 disc special edition that replaces the previous <a href="../../strangersonatrain/4602/index.php">2001</a> release.
  • Unlike the full frame <a href="../../dialmformurder/4902/index.php">region 1</a> DVD, the R2 release of <a href="../../dialmformurder/4905/index.php">Dial M For Murder</a> is a cropped 1.85:1 transfer (see <a href="https://the.hitchcock.zone/forums/viewtopic.php?t=182">this</a> message board post for a comparison).

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