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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 16 Skeletons from My Closet

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 16 Skeletons from My Closet


  • Never before in paperback!
  • Alfie opens the door to terror!


  1. Ghost Story by Henry Kane
  2. Where is Thy Sting? by James Holding
  3. Butler Who Didn't Do It by Craig Rice
  4. Christmas Gift by Robert Turner
  5. Man at the Table by C.B. Gilford
  6. Death of Another Salesman by Donald Honig
  7. Man with a Hobby by Robert Bloch
  8. ...Said Jack the Ripper by Robert Arthur
  9. Gun with a Heart by William Logan
  10. Assassination by Dion Henderson
  11. Little Sororicide by Richard Deming
  12. Man Who Got Away with It by Lawrence Treat
  13. Secret Recipe by Charles Mergendahl
  14. Daddy-O by David Alexander
  15. Crime Machine by Jack Ritchie
  16. Homicide and Gentlemen by Fletcher Flora



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