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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: I Am Curious (Bloody)

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: I Am Curious (Bloody)


  • Hitch's back — and the goodies are rated "X" for EXcruciatingly EXciting


  1. One-Armed Bandit by Dan Sontup
  2. Never Kill for Love by C.B. Gilford
  3. These Daisies Told by Arthur Porges
  4. Canine Accomplice by Grover Brinkman
  5. The Accidental Widow by Robert Colby
  6. Twilight Thunder by Edward Hoch
  7. Images by Michael Brett
  8. The Skim by Richard Deming
  9. One Way by John Lutz
  10. That Guy What Laughs Last by Phillip Tremont
  11. The Private Eye of Irving Anvil by Richard Hardwick
  12. Holiday by Hal Ellson
  13. The Heir by Talmage Powell