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Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV) - Season 6


The sixth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran from 27/Sep/1960 to 04/Jul/1961, with Hitchcock directing the following episodes:

Season 6 Episode List

The following is a complete of the episodes, with the original broadcast date shown in brackets. Please note that the episode summaries may contain spoilers!

  1. Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat (27/Sep/1960)
  2. The Doubtful Doctor (04/Oct/1960)
  3. A Very Moral Theft (11/Oct/1960)
  4. The Contest for Aaron Gold (18/Oct/1960)
  5. The Five-Forty-Eight (25/Oct/1960)
  6. Pen Pal (01/Nov/1960)
  7. Outlaw in Town (15/Nov/1960)
  8. O Youth and Beauty! (22/Nov/1960)
  9. The Money (29/Nov/1960)
  10. Sybilla (06/Dec/1960)
  11. The Man with Two Faces (13/Dec/1960)
  12. The Baby-Blue Expression (20/Dec/1960)
  13. The Man Who Found the Money (27/Dec/1960)
  14. The Changing Heart (03/Jan/1961)
  15. Summer Shade (10/Jan/1961)
  16. A Crime for Mothers (24/Jan/1961)
  17. The Last Escape (31/Jan/1961)
  18. The Greatest Monster of Them All (14/Feb/1961)
  19. The Landlady (21/Feb/1961)
  20. The Throwback (28/Feb/1961)
  21. The Kiss-Off (07/Mar/1961)
  22. The Horse Player (14/Mar/1961)
  23. Incident in a Small Jail (21/Mar/1961)
  24. A Woman's Help (28/Mar/1961)
  25. Museum Piece (04/Apr/1961)
  26. Coming, Mama (11/Apr/1961)
  27. Deathmate (18/Apr/1961)
  28. Gratitude (25/Apr/1961)
  29. The Pearl Necklace (02/May/1961)
  30. You Can't Trust a Man (09/May/1961)
  31. The Gloating Place (16/May/1961)
  32. Self Defense (23/May/1961)
  33. A Secret Life (31/May/1961)
  34. Servant Problem (06/Jun/1961)
  35. Coming Home (13/Jun/1961)
  36. Final Arrangements (20/Jun/1961)
  37. Make My Death Bed (27/Jun/1961)
  38. Ambition (04/Jul/1961)