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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Road Hog


"Road Hog" was originally broadcast on 06/Dec/1959 as part of the fifth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


Sam Pine's son dies when a road hog won't let his pickup truck pass him on a long narrow road; this prevented him from getting his severely injured son to the hospital in time. Sam invites the roadhog over to his house. He gives him a drink and tells him its poisoned. The roadhog takes off intending to drive to the hospital. Sam's other son drive in slowly in front of him and prevents him from passing. When the road hog tries to pass, he crashes and dies. Later Sam reveals that the drink wasn't poisoned at all. (TV.com)

DVD Releases

The following official DVD releases contain this episode:

9082.gif Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Five - Universal (USA, 2012)
Amazon (USA)
NTSC 1.33:1

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