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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Morning of the Bride


"The Morning of the Bride" was originally broadcast on 15/Feb/1959 as part of the fourth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


Helen Brewster wants to meet her future mother-in-law. She is engaged to a man named Philip. On the night she is to see Philip's mother, he tells her that his mother is sick and that he has been drafter. After Philip gets back from overseas, Helen again wishes to see Philip's mother. She becomes quite insistent and threatens to leave him. Philip tells her that they should get married right now and then tell his mother. They do so and return to Philip's house. In the morning, Helen sneak's up into the room of Philip's mother. She isn't there. No one is there. She sees a newspaper clipping that reveals that she has been dead for ten years. Philip then enters the room. He talks to an empty rocking chair as if his mother was still alive. (TV.com)

DVD Releases

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9078.gif Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Four - Universal (USA, 2009)
Amazon (USA)
NTSC 1.33:1

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