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Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in The Mystery of the Talking Skull (book)

The Mystery of the Talking Skull


WELCOME, MYSTERY LOVERS! We are gathered together again for another stimulating case of The Three Investigators, whose official motto is “We Investigate Anything”. If they had known what they were getting into when they tackled the curious case of the talking skull they might have changed their motto.

Be that as it may, they find themselves this time in a mix-up of mystery and danger which leads them from one perplexing enigma to another until—but I am not a blabbermouth. I promised faithfully not to tell too much, and I shall keep my promise.

Indeed, I shall only say that The Three Investigators are Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews, who all make their home in Rocky Beach, a small municipality in California a few miles from Hollywood. Their Headquarters is a mobile home trailer in The Jones Salvage Yard, a super-junkyard owned by Jupiter’s aunt and uncle, Mathilda and Titus Jones.

The boys make an excellent team. Jupiter has a quick mind and is adept at deduction. Pete is less intellectual but sturdy and courageous. Bob is somewhat studious and an excellent researcher. Together they’ve solved some very intriguing mysteries indeed.

Which is all I shall say at this time, for I know you are eager to dispense with this preview and get on with the main feature.

Alfred Hitchcock

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