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Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in The Secret of the Haunted Mirror (book)

The Secret of the Haunted Mirror


For those of you who already know The Three Investigators, this introduction is quite unnecessary. You may turn immediately to Chapter One and proceed with the adventure.

If you have not yet encountered Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews, however, I shall be pleased to provide some information about them and their detective firm.

These three remarkable young chaps reside in Rocky Beach, California, a small community near Hollywood. Jupiter Jones, the stout and brainy lad who is First Investigator and leader of the trio, has a mind that is maddeningly efficient and a manner that is, alas, rather pompous. Pete Crenshaw, the Second Investigator, is an athletic but cautious fellow who is often distressed by Jupiter’s daring. Bob Andrews, a quiet, bookish boy, is very thorough in his quest for information which may help The Three Investigators solve their cases.

The young detectives make their headquarters in an old mobile home trailer, which sits in a salvage yard owned by Jupiter’s uncle. Their activities are not always confined to Rocky Beach. In the case which you will shortly peruse, the boys encounter a ghostly presence in an old mansion in Hollywood — a mansion reputed to be haunted — and they try to find the secret of the man who disappeared into a looking-glass and never returned. Or did he?

Read on and decide for yourself.


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