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American Record Guide (2000) - Herrmann: Marnie


  • article: Herrmann: Marnie
  • author(s): Mark Koldys
  • journal: American Record Guide (01/Nov/2000)
  • issue: volume 63, issue 6, page 158
  • journal ISSN: 0003-0716
  • keywords: Classical music, Musical recordings



Joel McNeely is likely the premier Bernard Herrmann conductor of our time, as his series of Varese recordings bears out. And there is much to relish here, including the sterling work of the SNO and the perfectly realized sonics. But there are some odd lapses. The introduction of the love theme (in 'The Storm') is rushed and a bit insensitive; it's one of the score's Big Moments, but McNeely gives it no room to breathe.