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American Salon (2008) - His Fair Ladies


  • article: His Fair Ladies
  • author(s): Marianne Dougherty
  • journal: American Salon (01/Jun/2008)
  • issue: volume 131, issue 6, page 33
  • journal ISSN: 0741-5737
  • keywords: Actors, Hairstyles, Motion picture directors & producers, Women



Dougherty utters about filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock's choice of blonde leading ladies. German and Norwegian descent, was one in a long list of Hitchcock blondes who remained perfectly coiffed while enduring any number of insults. According to writer Alan Vanneman, Hitchcock found women hair irresistible and terrifying. Vanneman went on to conclude that the famous Hitchcock blondes wore their hair in a "compulsively arranged manner, suggesting Hitchcock's desire to make things perfect and keep them under control.