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Powell Street, San Francisco, California

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Hitchcock's Films

Vertigo (1958)

The Argosy Book Shop

The fictional Argosy Book Shop was modelled after the Argonaut Book Shop, which was located at 336 Kearny Street at the time of filming. The shop subsequently relocated to 786 Sutter Street in the late 1960s.

Both the exterior and interior of the shop were filmed in the studio, with back projected footage of the 200 block on Powell Street, close to Union Square. The Reel SF web site has pinpointed the location the back projection footage was shot from as being the entrance of the Manx Hotel (now the Villa Florence Hotel) at 225 Powell Street, which makes it the virtual location of the Argosy.[1]

The Birds (1963)

During the location filming in San Francisco for the opening sequence of The Birds, Hitchcock stayed at the St. Francis Hotel which is situated at 335 Powell Street on the western side of Union Square.[2]

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