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Palace of Westminster, London

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The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Commonly known as the Houses of Parliament after its tenants, the Palace lies on the Middlesex bank of the River Thames in the City of Westminster, in central London.

The Elizabeth Tower, which is often referred to by the name of its main bell, "Big Ben", is an iconic landmark of London and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city

Hitchcock's Films

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927)

A close up of Big Ben's clockface is shown just before one of the Avenger murders.

In the final scene of the film, when the lodger kisses Daisy Bunting, the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben are visible in the background.[1]

Blackmail (1929)

As Alice White wanders around London in a daze after the murder, Hitchcock includes a close up of Big Ben and then a God's eye view of the Palace of Westminster, River Thames and London County Hall.

The 39 Steps (1935)

When filming began on January 11th, 1935, the climax of the film had yet to be scripted and there was brief speculation in the film trade press that it might be set in Big Ben. In the end, the London Palladium was used in order to reprise the performance by Mr. Memory that begins the film.[2]

Foreign Correspondent (1940)

Jones (Joel McCrea) arrives into England aboard the RMS Queen Mary and Big Ben is shown to established he is in London.

The Thirty-Nine Steps (1978)

Don Sharp's adaptation of John Buchan's book memorably climaxes in a suspenseful Hitchcockian way with Richard Hannay hanging from the hands of the Big Ben clock face to stop a bomb from exploding.


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