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Billboard (1958) - Music: 'Vertigo' Gets Merc Promo


  • article: Music: 'Vertigo' Gets Merc Promo
  • journal: Billboard (28/Apr/1958)
  • issue: volume 70, issue 17, page 4
  • publisher: Nielsen Business Media
  • keywords: Vertigo (1958)



'Vertigo' Gets Merc Promo

HOLLYWOOD — Music score from the Alfred Hitchcock production, "Vertigo," will receive a saturation campaign shortly, with Mercury Records acquiring soundtrack rights to the film following an agreement with Paramount.

Label will release an album and two singles from the film, latter by Muir Mathieson from the track and by singer Billy Eckstine.

Film is to be released in June and stars James Stewart and Kim Novak.