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Blackmail: La Muchacha de Londres (1929) - Universal (Spain, 2002)

Blackmail: La Muchacha de Londres (1929)


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DVD Contents - Overview

DVD Information

DVD Contents - Detailed Information

  • Blackmail (1929) - silent version
    • length: 82 minutes (01:21:49)
    • audio: silent with stereo score (DD2.0) by composer Joachim Barenz
    • intertitles: English
    • subtitles: none
    • ratio: 1.33:1
    • bitrate: 5.56 Mb/sec
  • Photo gallery
    • ratio: 1.33:1
  • Test sound take with Anny Ondra and Hitchcock -- see Sound Test page for more details
    • length: 1 minute (00:00:50)
    • audio: English mono (DD2.0)
    • subtitles: none
    • ratio: 1.33:1


  • none

Comments and Notes

  • The disc features both the sound version of the film, and also the silent version - the sound version has scenes that Hitchcock reshot and differs from the silent version on this disc.
  • The silent version of the film features a new score by composer Joachim Barenz.
  • The transfer has vertical matte bars, making the aspect ratio almost 1.13:1


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