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British Film Institute

The Genius of Hitchcock

The Genius of Hitchcock was a major Alfred Hitchcock retrospective by the British Film Institute that ran from August to October 2012.

The highlight of the retrospective was the BFI's restoration of Hitchcock's silent films: "The Hitchcock 9".

Sight & Sound

"Sight & Sound" is a British monthly film magazine published by the British Film Institute.

Greatest Films Poll

Held once a decade since 1952, the "Greatest Films" poll is compiled from votes cast by the world's leading film critics. In 1982, "Vertigo" became the first Hitchcock film to enter the Top 10 and it continued to rise until topping the 2012 poll.

  • 1982: "Vertigo" placed 7th
  • 1992: "Veritgo" placed 4th
  • 2002: "Vertigo" placed 2nd
  • 2012: "Vertigo" placed 1st

In total, 5 Hitchcock films made the 2012 Top 250 list: