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Cahiers du cinéma (2014) - Hitchcock Présente: Les Démons du Foyer


  • magazine article: Hitchcock Présente: Les Démons du Foyer
  • author(s): Stéphane du Mesnildot
  • journal: Cahiers du cinéma (01/Jul/2014)
  • issue: pages 74-75
  • publisher: Éditions de l'Étoile
  • keywords: American television, Books, Film & television production, Rauger, Jean-François, Television criticism, Television series, Television-Business/Programming, Alfred Hitchcock



The author discusses Jean-François Rauger's "L'Oeil domestique: Alfred Hitchcock et la télévision," which examines the television series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." It ran for 20 episodes from 1955-1962. The making of the series, its themes, and its relationship to Hitchcock's film work are considered.