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Chasen's Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

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Magazine cover showing Hitchcock at Chasen's

Founded by vaudevillian Dave Chasen, Chasen's was a restaurant in West Hollywood, California that was a hangout for entertainment luminaries. Located at 9039 Beverly Boulevard near Beverly Hills, it was the site of the Academy Awards party for many years and was also known for its chili. In 1962 Liz Taylor had several orders of Chasen’s chili flown to the set of Cleopatra while filming in Rome. Many of its regular customers had booths named in their honor. The Ronald Reagan booth, now on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library museum, was where Reagan proposed to Nancy Reagan. Other well-known people who had a booth were Frank Sinatra, Alfred Hitchcock, James Stewart, and Groucho Marx. Chasen's, upon a steep decline in business, closed permanently in 1995.

Alma and Alfred Hitchcock were regular visitors to Chasen's on a Thursday evening.

As early as May 1940, local US newspapers were reporting that Hitchcock regularly nodded off at the restaurant: "If he's fast asleep at Chasen's while everyone around him is chattering noisily, it's Alfred Hitchcock, the round British director..."[1]

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  • See, for example, the Amarillo Globe (09/May/1940).