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Choice (2011) - Hitchcock's magic


  • book review: Hitchcock's magic
  • author(s): P.H. Stacy
  • journal: Choice (01/Nov/2011)
  • issue: volume 49, issue 3, page 511
  • journal ISSN: 0009-4978
  • publisher: American Library Association dba CHOICE
  • keywords: Book reviews, Motion picture directors & producers, Motion pictures, Nonfiction



Jane Sloan's Alfred Hitchcock: A Guide to References and Resources (CH, Jul'93, 30-5958) is longer, three times longer, than [MARC Badmington]'s study. And the books in Sloan's bibliography may even be three times as good as Badmington's. But no one can fault Badmington (Cardiff Univ., Wales) for brevity.