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Cineaste (2004) - Suggestive Intimacies: An Interview with Patrice Leconte


  • article: Suggestive Intimacies: An Interview with Patrice Leconte
  • author(s): Cynthia Lucia
  • journal: Cineaste (2004)
  • issue: volume 29, issue 4, pages 8-13
  • journal ISSN: 0009-7004
  • publisher: Cineaste Publishers
  • keywords: Documentaries, Feature films, Film (International, Europe), Film (Productions), Film directors, French Cinema, Intimacy, Patrice Leconte, Motion picture directors & producers, Motion pictures, Personal profiles, Sexuality, Theaters & cinemas, Themes



Lucia interviews one of France' most popular contemporary directors Patrice Leconte. Leconte's latest film, Intimate Strangers, continues his humane engagement with sexually frustrated characters searching for some human connection. She addresses the interconnections between his works, his view of Alfred Hitchcock, and the current cult of sexual explicitness in French cinema.