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Clare Greet

Greet with [[Ernest Thesiger]] in [[Mrs. Peabody]] (1922)


Clare Greet, born Clara Greet, was an English film actress and producer.

Although most sources give her date of birth as June 14th, 1871, she was in fact born in 1870.

Greet didn't marry and she died in February 1939.


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  • born Clara Greet around 1870 in St Margaret, Leicestershire[1]
  • daughter of Frederick Greet (b. ~1836) and Elizabeth Greet (b. ~1841)
  • sister of Frederick Greet (b. ~1859), William Greet (b. ~1860), Joseph Greet (b. ~1862), Anne Greet (b. ~1868) and John Greet (b. ~1874)
  • did not marry
  • died 14/Feb/1939[2]
  • probate granted on 20/Mar/1939 to Barclays Bank Ltd — estate worth £2,129 7s. 11d.


Notes & References

  1. Most sites give her date of birth as 14/Jun/1871, however her birth was registered in Q3 1870 Leicester. She also appears on the 1871 Census, which took place on 02/Apr/1871, so she couldn't have been born after that.
  2. Although her age at death was given as 67, she was likely 68 or 69. Her probate record gave her address as 66 Elm Park Mansions, Chelsea.