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Daily Mirror (18/Apr/2007) - Shower's so chilling

(c) The Daily Mirror

The shower scene from horror classic Psycho was yesterday voted the best movie bathroom moment.

Alfred Hitchcock's clip with Janet Leigh being stabbed at the desolate Bates Motel still leaves audiences chilled.

Second in the poll by www.shuc.com was Julia Robert's singing in the bath in Pretty Women.

Shuc.com's Jill Parkinson said: "The Psycho shower scene is iconic."

TOP 10:

  1. Psycho: Shower
  2. Pretty Women: Julia bath
  3. Fatal Attraction: Bathroom brawl
  4. Something About Mary: Hairgel slip
  5. The Shining: Here's Johnny
  6. What Women Want: Mel Gibson electrocuted
  7. Trainspotting: Loo dive
  8. Dumb And Dumber: Lax date
  9. Sleeping With The Enemy: Towel perfection
  10. Meet The Parents: Flush chaos.