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Derby Daily Telegraph (14/Sep/1928) - Films Stars in Demand




£10 a Week to Learn Screen Acting.

In response to many hundreds of requests from girls in all parts of the country who are seeking a fortune on the films the Amami Company has decided to reopen today their £1,000 film quest competition for two weeks only.

Already a large number of competitors have been filmed at Elstree, and although both Mr. E. A. Dupont and Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, the film directors, have discovered several girls who, with training, would be successful on the films, they feel that the opportunities offered in the competition are so good that they have still to find the girl whose film personality promises that she can take full advantage of her initial success.

The girl chosen by the judges will receive a thorough screen training at Elstree for one year, and, in addition, a salary of £10 a week during the period of her training.