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Desktop Wallpaper Archive

The Birds

Wallpaper Birds001.jpg

Wallpaper of The Birds by screwball

Grace Kelly

Wallpaper GraceKelly002.jpg

Photograph of Grace Kelly


Wallpaper Psycho003.jpg

Publicity poster for Psycho (1960)

Foreign Correspondent

Wallpaper ForeignCorrespondent001.jpg

Publicity poster for Foreign Correspondent (1940)

Kim Novak

Wallpaper KimNovak002.jpg

Publicity shot of Kim Novak


Wallpaper Vertigo001.jpg

Publicity poster for the re-release of Vertigo (1958)

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Wallpaper ManWhoKnewTooMuch001.jpg

Publicity poster for The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

North by Northwest

Wallpaper NorthByNorthwest002.jpg

Publicity photo of Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint from North by Northwest (1959)


Wallpaper Suspicion001.jpg

Publicity posster from Suspicion (1941)

Family Plot

Wallpaper FamilyPlot001.jpg

Publicity posster from Family Plot (1976)

Secret Agent

Wallpaper SecretAgent001.jpg

Publicity posster from Secret Agent (1936)

North by Northwest

Wallpaper NorthByNorthwest001.jpg

Publicity still from North by Northwest (1959)


Wallpaper Psycho002.jpg

Publicity material for Psycho (1960)

Grace Kelly

Wallpaper GraceKelly001.jpg

Publicity shot of Grace Kelly


Wallpaper Notorious001.jpg

Publicity poster from Notorious (1946)


Wallpaper Rebecca001.jpg

Lobby card from Rebecca (1940)

Peter Lorre

Wallpaper PeterLorre001.jpg

Publicity shot of Peter Lorre

The 39 Steps

Wallpaper 39Steps002.jpg

Lobby card from The 39 Steps (1935)