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Discourse (2009) - Zarathustran Bird Wars: Hitchcock's "Nietzsche" and the Teletechnic Loop




[...] Hitchcock's first cameo in The Lodger (1927) occurs as news editor before giant printing press wheels and teletype machines - figures of imprinting and media that extend to wireless broadcasting into the heads of morphing faces and print carrying trucks with eyes. Cinema already marks with its advent the "global" or postglobal orders that it, from the first, cannot stop itself from assuming and proliferating - as through its linkage to the advance of technoweaponry and genocide, hypercapital, contemporary mediacracy, accelerations of terrestrial evisceration, and so on.\n While the audience is seduced by the Riviera panorama shot from a plane, they do not see that the land is barren, scorched by a sun positioned behind, or in line with, the eye of the camera - whose technologies and representational appropriations work, inversely, in that deforestation.