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Eden Phillpotts

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Eden Phillpotts was a British novelist, poet, and dramatist. He was born in India, educated in Plymouth, Devon, and worked as an insurance officer for 10 years before studying for the stage and eventually becoming a writer.

He was the author of many novels, plays and poems about Dartmoor. His Dartmoor cycle of 18 novels and two volumes of short stories still have many avid readers despite the fact that many titles are out of print.

One of his novels, "Widecombe Fair", inspired by an annual fair at the village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor, provided the scenario for his comic play "The Farmer's Wife". It went on to become a silent movie of the same name, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and filmed in 1927. The cast included: Jameson Thomas, Lillian Hall-Davis, Gordon Harker and Gibb McLaughlin.

Philpotts was a friend of Agatha Christie, who was a fan of his work and a regular visitor to his home.

Sometimes credited as Harrington Hext.


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