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Edwin Greenwood


Theodore Edwin Greenwood was a British author, screenwriter and film director.

He worked several times with Alfred Hitchcock and dedicated his 1937 book Old Goat: A Fantasia on a Theme of Blackmail and Sudden Death to the director: "To Alfred Hitchcock ('Hitch'), Good Maker of Good Pictures, Good Judge of Good Things, Good Friend."[1]

He died aged 39, aged 42.

It is sometimes claimed — for example, by Donald Spoto — that Greenwood died as a direct result of the filming conditions on Jamaica Inn, however he died nearly a full year after filming.[2]


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  • born 27/Aug/1895[3]
  • baptised 20/Oct/1895 at St Mary, West Kensington, London.
  • son of music teacher Alfred Greenwood (b. 1842)[4] and Merina "Minna" Rose Ottilie (b. 1855) née Schweitzer[5]
  • brother of Mary Winifred Greenwood (b. 1887)[6] and John Danforth Herman Greenwood (b. 1889)[7]
  • 1901 Census (aged 5) — living with parents and siblings at 109 Talgarth Road, Fulham, London
  • 1911 Census (aged 15) — student at St. Paul's School and living with parents and siblings at 106 Castelnau, Richmond, London
  • married 1934 to Mollie Jones[8]
  • died 17/Sep/1939 — was living at 29 Elm Close, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, at the time of his death
  • probate granted to Wyndham Norris Eifion Bazzard (solictor) and Leonard Parker Moore (literary agent) on 29/Nov/1939, with effects worth £1,471 14s. 5d.


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