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Sutter Street, San Francisco, California

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Hitchcock's Films

Vertigo (1958)

Empire Hotel

The exterior of the Empire Hotel, located at 940 Sutter Street, was used in Vertigo as location of hotel where Judy Barton lives. The studio-based set of her hotel room was modelled on rooms 501 and 502, due to their proximity to the Empire's neon sign, which is used in the film to bathe her room with eerie green light.[1][2]

The hotel was later renamed the York Hotel and, more recently, the Hotel Vertigo.

Argonaut Book Shop

The book shop at 786 Sutter Street, which was located at 336 Kearny Street at the time of filming, was the inspiration for the Argosy Book Shop, run by Pop Leibel.

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Notes & References

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  2. Reel SF identifies the room as 401, due to the neon letter "P" being visible outside Judy's window