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Enoch Hitchcock (b. ~1752)




  • born around 1752
  • baptised 09/Feb/1775 at Dedham Street Independent Chapel


Rose Cole (b. ?)

  • married 14/Oct/1776 to Enoch Hitchcock in Higham by Nayland, Suffolk


Elizabeth Hitchcock (b. ~1777)

An Elizabeth Hitchcock (aged 65) is listed as residing in a local alms house at the time of the 1841 Census, but it's unclear if it is the same person.[1]

  • born around 1777
  • baptised 25/Aug/1777 at Dedham Street Independent Chapel

Enoch Hitchcock (b. ~1780)

Not to be confused with his cousin Enoch Hitchcock (b. 1781), son of John Hitchcock (b. ~1748) and Martha Hitchcock (b. ~1749) née Nevard.

  • born around 1780
  • baptised 30/Jun/1780 at Dedham Street Independent Chapel
  • possibly died 1836 aged 57 and buried on 04/Feb/1836 at St Margaret, Uxbridge, West London


  • died 1819 aged 67
  • buried 18/Dec/1819 at St. Nicholas, Harwich

Family Tree


Research Notes

  • Possibly the Enoch Hitchcock listed as a wheelwright in Ardleigh, Essex, who took on apprentice John Bedford in 1794.

Notes & References

  1. See: 1841 Census