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Eveline Reville (b. 1892)


Eveline Reville was Alma Reville's older sister, and was sometimes known as Eva.

Following her father's death 1928, Eveline worked as a clerk whilst living with her widowed mother, Lucy. By 1936, they were both living on Borrowdale Avenue in Harrow, London.

After the outbreak of war in 1939, Alma — who had already moved to Los Angeles — grew increasingly concerned for the safety of her remaining family in England and convinced Eveline and Lucy to join her in California. Eveline travelled to New York aboard the Samaria, which departed from Liverpool in September 1940, along with her 78-year-old mother.[1]

Eveline lived with her mother in a small apartment on Ashton Avenue, West Wood, Los Angeles. She eventually found work in the accounting department of the Beverly Wiltshire Hotel and, following her mother's death, she married a British-born hotel waiter Albert Saywood in November 1947. The couple lived in a small property off Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles.[2]

She became a U.S. citizen in November 1953 at the same time as her husband. Her application gave her address 2744 Tilden Avenue, Los Angeles, and described her as being 5'1" tall with green eyes and grey hair.

Eveline died in October 1968 and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Los Angeles.[3]

Albert Saywood died in December 1869, aged 90.




  • born 06/Oct/1892[4]


Albert Saywood (b. 1879)

  • born 26/Sep/1879 in Hornsey, Middlesex, England
  • son of house painter William Saywood and his wife Mary (née Simmons)
  • brother of William Charles Saywood, Anne Saywood, Ellen Saywood, Rebecca Saywood, Joseph Saywood, Florence Saywood
  • worked as a coachman (1901 Census)
  • immigrated to the U.S. in February 1910
  • married Ellen Mae ? (b.~1879) who died 21/Feb/1939
  • worked as a waiter in Los Angeles and was working at the Beverley Wiltshire Hotel, Beverley Hills, in 1942
  • married 22/Nov/1947 to Eveline Reville
  • became a U.S. citizen at the same time as his wife in November 1853
  • died 20/Dec/1969 aged 90


Albert had one daughter from before his marriage to Eveline:

  • Ellen Mary Saywood
    • born 13/Sep/1912 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and residing in Sherman Oaks, California, in 1953
    • married Charles Pendley (b.1907) who died in 1991[5]
    • mother of Charles Pendley (b.~1931) and Ronald Pendley (b.~1937)
    • died 1990


  • died 17/Oct/1968[6]
  • buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Los Angeles[7]

Family Tree


Census Data


  • address: 125 Crofton Park Road, Brockley, London
  • Edward Reville (aged 37) — head, occupation: lace warehouseman
  • Lucy Reville (aged 34) — wife
  • Eveline Reville (aged 8) — daughter
  • Alma Reville (aged 1) — daughter


  • address: 10 Avenue Gardens, St Margaret's Road, Isleworth, Middlesex
  • Edward Reville (aged 47) — head, occupation: lace salesman
  • Lucy Reville (aged 44) — wife
  • Eveline Reville (aged 18) — daughter, occupation: junior clerk at a drapery establishment
  • Alma Reville (aged 11) — daughter

Other Documents

Electoral Registers


Address: 25 Perryn House, Crown Lane, Acton, London


Address: 87a Oakington Avenue, Wembley, London


Address: 8 Borrowdale Avenue, Harrow, London

Passenger Lists

1940 — Samaria

Page from the passenger list of the Samaria, which sailed from Liverpool on September 23rd to New York. Aboard were Alma Reville's sister Eveline (aged 47) and their mother Lucy (aged 78).

Research Notes

  • No US records found for post 1940.

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