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Film & History (2006) - Book Review: Hitchcock as Philosopher


  • book review: Hitchcock as Philosopher
  • author(s): Douglas MacLeod
  • journal: Film & History (27/Jun/2006)
  • issue: volume 36, issue 1, page 83
  • DOI: 10.1353/flm.2006.0014
  • journal ISSN: 0360-3695
  • publisher: Center for the Study of Film and History
  • keywords: Biographies, History, Motion picture directors & producers, Nonfiction, Theory



Review of Hitchcock as Philosopher (2005) by Robert J. Yanal.

Yanal begins Hitchcock as Philosopher by choosing three arbitrary philosophical terms-Deception, Mind, and Knowledge-and then attempts to connect these ideas to Hitchcock's characterizations showing that they speak "general truths about human nature" (3) while at the same time embodying all three of the criteria Yanal claims are imperative to the study of philosophy.