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Film Bulletin (22/Jun/1959) - MGM Pushing 'North' via Mercedes Tie-up, 2 Trailers




MGM Pushing 'North' via Mercedes Tie-up, 2 Trailers

MGM is going all out to promote "North by Northwest" — via a two-continent, 25-nation tie-up and two regular trailers aimed at maximum penetration of the picture.

The large-scale tie-up is being conducted with Mercedes-Benz Co., which will advertise and publicize "North" in newspapers, on radio and via television, simultaneously with the release and MGM advertising campaign of the film. Five thousand Mercedes dealers in the U. S. and Europe will participate in the deal.

Factories and dealers will send direct mail material to Mercedes-Benz owners and prospective buyers; prepare window and/or showroom display material calling attention to the use of the car in the film, and arrange with all theatres for display of a Mercedes-Benz in the lobby or foyer during run of "North."

In addition, there will be a parade of Mercedes cars on opening day at the local house, with banners heralding their movie use; one-minute radio and TV spots telling of the autos' part in the film, and film promotion copy for salesmen to use in demonstrating or selling the Mercedes.

One of the trailers will cover a special "thrill" subject emphasizing the suspense in "North," while the other will have producer-director Alfred Hitchcock making a personal appearance to describe the 2,000-mile chase involved in the film. Theatres will have a choice of either trailer—or both, if they wish a double-barreled selling job.