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Framework (2007) - (G)Aping Women; Or, When A Man Plays The Fetish


  • article: (G)Aping Women; Or, When A Man Plays The Fetish
  • author(s): Laura Hinton
  • journal: Framework (17/Sep/2007)
  • issue: volume 48, issue 2, pages 174-200
  • DOI: 10.1353/frm.2007.0012
  • journal ISSN: 0306-7661
  • publisher: Wayne State University Press
  • keywords: American cinema, American television, Arts and Entertainment Industry, Character, Comedies, T R Devlin (Character), Feature films, Fetishism, Gaze theory, Cary Grant, Heterosexuality, Hollywood films, I Love Lucy (Television), Men, Motion pictures, Notorious (1946), Plot, Spectator, Women, Alfred Hitchcock



The male figure cannot be articulated through a female-style fragmentation, but rather must reconfirm male narcissism's "construction of an ideal ego," in Neale's words.9 Still, if the male body is rarely subject to castration's "'set of processes' tied to ... figural lack," the male fetish must necessarily bear his own contradictions, hinting at its glamorous masquerade. Recalling Neale's questioning of the male narcissist's efficacy in providing a model of mastery and autonomous ideality for the film audience, the "profound contradictions" that the Devlin/Grant figure provides the female spectator at the end of Notorious are notable.