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Gainsborough Pictures (1997) edited by Pam Cook

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An anthology establishing Gainsborough's pivotal position in British film culture. The studio is revealed as an important player in industry developments during the 20s, 30s and 40s. The text also examines areas such as music, design and cinematography and looks at the sgnificance of genres such as musical comedy, melodrama and comedy in the studio's output.


  1. Introduction — Pam Cook
  2. Not for Peckham: Michael Balcon and Gainsborough's Internation Trajectory in the 1920s — Philip Kemp
  3. Surface and Distraction: Style and Genre at Gainsborough in the Late 1920s and 1930s — Tim Bergfelder
  4. Desperate Yearnings: Victor Saville and Gainsborough — Charles Barr
  5. "A Film League of Nations": Gainsborough, Gaumont-British and 'Film Europe' — Andrew Higson
  6. "Nothing to Beat the Hay Diet": Comedy at Gaumont and Gainsborough — Sue Harper
  7. Looking for Lustre: Stars at Gainsborough — Geoffrey Macnab
  8. Innovation and Economy: The Contribution of the Gainsborough Cinematographer — Duncan Petrie
  9. Gainsborough after Balcon — Robert Murphy
  10. Wicked Sounds and Magic Melodies: Music in the 1940s Gainsborough Melodrama — K.J. Donnelly
  11. Filmography: Gainsborough and Related Films 1924-1950 — Denis Gifford