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Gloucester Citizen (23/Aug/1927) - The Theatres: This Week's Attractions


  • article: The Theatres: This Week's Attractions
  • newspaper: Gloucester Citizen (23/Aug/1927)
  • keywords: The Mountain Eagle (1926)



This Week's Attractions.


The principal picture to be seen at the Palladium throughout the present week is "The Mountain Eagle" a story of love and hatred amongst mountain folk. There is a feud over a woman between one Fulton and Pettigrew. The latter as the local justice in a small village naturally has considerable power. His cripple son Edward falls in love with Beatrice Brent, the school teacher appointed by his father and gossip is ripe. The narrative unwinds, as it were, from this incident. Beatrice has to seek refuge with Fulton who arranges a marriage to still the tongues, and Edward having fled, suspicion of having caused his death falls on Fulton. There are some striking snow scenes and fine mountain scenery and many exciting moments, such as where Fulton levels his rifle to shoot Pettigrew and the latter faints and falls before a shot can reach him — instances in which the suspense is very ably contrived. The pursuit of Fulton across the snow plains is done with decision and force. A short drama entitled "Life on Lookout Mountain" is an episode in the the life of two girls and a young woodman set in the same beautiful snow-clad hill country. "Close Shaves" is a comedy of a knockout type, and the Gaumont Graphic shows scenes from the pageant at Harlech Castle and sports at Grasmere.