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Gloucestershire Echo (09/Aug/1927) - The Daffodil



  • The Art Deco Daffodil Cinema in Cheltenham is now a restaurant: thedaffodil.com
  • The full article also mentions a second film screened at The Daffodil featuring scenes shot in the Austrian Tyol — The Poacher. This is most likely the German film Der Wilderer (1926), starring Heinrich Schroth and Helga Thomas.


The Daffodil

A picture of great dramatic interest is "The Mountain Eagle," a Gainsborough-Emelka production, with a strong cast, which includes Nita Naldi, Malcolm Keen, Bernard Goetzke, and John Hamilton, not to mention the dog. The interest centres in the lonely and manly figure of John Fulton (played by Malcolm Keen), who is a sort of knight errant of the mountain village, and is nicknamed "Fearogod" from his habit of putting the fear of God into wrong-doers. He has for enemy a general dealer, one Pettigrew, who is the local justice of the peace, a good deal of a hypocrite, and sufficiently learned in the law to "frame" false charges against the hero. The story is too full to tell in any detail, even if it were fair to do so ; picture patrons like to see the evolution of a plot without prior knowledge. Suffice it to say that after "Fearogod's" chivalrous marriage to save the pretty schoolmistress from undeserved slander, the emotional movement of the drama is intensified, till the inevitable happy ending is reached. The Pettigrew of Bernhard Goetzke is a particularly vigorous facial study.