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Gloucestershire Echo (26/Aug/1935) - My Friends the Stars



My Friends the Stars

When I telephoned Madeleine Carroll the other day she said, "Now you've done it. I shall be stuck to the telephone!"

It appeared that I had interrupted a busy time. She was decorating waste-paper baskets in her country home near East Grinstead.

"I'm not used to the job." said Madeleine, "and I have got gum all over myself and everything else."

I had called Madeleine to sympathise with her because she has had to refuse a very attractive contract in Hollywood. They wanted her to be Ronald Colman's leading lady in his next film, "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo."

But Gaumont-British want Madeleine just as much, and she could not get to Hollywood in time.

She is to be the leading lady of Alfred Hitchcock's new film, "Secret Agent."

Madeleine intends to stay down in the country until they are ready to start the film.

"I play tennis and walk and make paper baskets!" she said, "and I cannot get too sunburnt because tne make-up we use is the same colour! Indeed the more bronzed I get the more they will save on make-up."