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Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square (1966) by Arthur La Bern

author Arthur La Bern
publisher Bloomsbury
ISBN 033002275X
filmed as Frenzy (1972)
links LibraryThing

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Embittered former Squadron Leader Richard Blamey becomes the prime suspect when both his ex-wife Brenda and his lover Babs are murdered by a sexual predator. Despite the strong circumstantial evidence stacked against Blamey, the meticulous Chief Inspector Oxford has his doubts and eventually identifies the real killer. In the meantime, the imprisoned Blamey has escaped and is intent on taking his revenge.


  • The title of the book was taken from the lyrics of the popular song "It's a Long Way to Tipperary".
  • As this letter to The Times newspaper shows, La Bern was unhappy with the Hitchcock adaptation of his book.
  • For his adaptation, Hitchcock likely changed the name of the lead character from "Blamey" to "Blaney" as a reference to the Blayney family who lived at 175 Salmon Lane before the William Hitchcock moved there prior to 1910.

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