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Hastings and St Leonards Observer (12/Feb/1927) - Hastings Amusements: The Pleasure Garden



Hastings Amusements: The Pleasure Garden

The latter half of the week will see Virginia Valli in "The Pleasure Garden." Adapted from the story by Olive Sandys, it tells how Patsy, who danced in the chorus of the Pleasure Garden Revue, had kept herself safe from the advances of the jaded sybarites who came there. She befriended Jill Cheyne, a stage struck butterfly engaged to Hugh Fielding, and then fell in love with Hugh's friend. Jill's sensational stage success proved too much for her shallow nature and resents Patsy's effort to save her. Lonely and hurt, Patsy mistakes Levet's admiration for genuine love, and marries him, although Levet tells her he cannot support her. The honeymoon is spent on the Italian Lakes and the peace and beauty of Como, but after one glorious month Levet returns to the East and Patsy to the monotonous life of the chorus, and waits in vain for letters. What happens in the East forms the continuation of this fascinating story, which has an unexpected climax. Virginia Valli is supported by Carmelita Geraghty, Miles Mander, John Stuart and other stars.