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Hastings and St Leonards Observer (22/Oct/1927) - 'Downhill' at the Elite Theatre




The programme for today (Saturday) includes the African big game sensation "The Gorilla Hunt," and Marie Prevost in "For Wives Only."

Described as "worthy of the best British traditions," "Downhill" has been secured for the whole of next week. Sincerity, powerful acting, and ingenious technique are brought together under the skilful direction of Alfred Hitchcock in this melodrama. The story tells of two schoolboys who made a pact of loyalty, and one of them kept it at a terrible price. Roddy Berwick and Tim Wakeley were both at school together. Tim got into trouble with a girl of the tuck shop, but in order to shield him Roddy took the blame and was expelled from school and home. Roddy then became a dancer, and foil in love with the leading lady, and when his godfather left him a legacy he married her. The money soon went, then Julia forsook him. Roddy once more became a dancer, but, weary and disillusioned, he went downhill until the world of shadows claimed him. From this point the story continues with great dramatic intensity to a thrilling conclusion. Of the various scenes which take the onlooker with Roddy, from a public school to the stage, a low dancing hall, a Marseilles "rats' den," and then to the hold of a ship, none are more successful than those at school. The chief acting honours go to Ivor Novello as Roddy, and he is supported by Isabel Jeans, Norman McKinnell, and others.

Each presentation of "Downhill" will be preceded by Miss Phyllis Mummery (mezzo contralto) in interludes.