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Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie (2005) by Tony Lee Moral

author Tony Lee Moral
publisher Scarecrow Press (2005)
ISBN 0810856840 (paperback)
ISBN 0810842750 (hardback)
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2005 edition, paperback:

2013 edition, hardback:


A study of Alfred Hitchcock's 1964 psychological thriller, "Marnie", a film that generated wider critical controversy than any other film during Hitchcock's illustrious career. The book, divided into eight chapters, details the film from conception to post-production, offering readers an opportunity to see the film-making process in action. Tony Lee Moral reveals production details and provides an oral history of the film's production from several of its key participants. The text includes five main objectives: to cite the reasons "Marnie" has relevance to modern audiences and argue that it is an important Hitchcock film that addresses deeply pertinent human problems; to examine "Marnie"'s place in Hitchcock's overall thematic career; to highlight the multivocality in the book on which "Marnie" is based; to refute allegations that the failure of "Marnie" was a result of Hitchcock's neglect of the film; and to argue that the cinematic techniques employed in "Marnie" were intentional, and were a culmination of Hitchcock's concept of "pure cinema". The author's own assessment of the research is presented at the end of each chapter. The events are presented chronologically and are based on two principal sources: archive material from Hitchcock's personal files held at the Margaret Herrick Library in Beverly Hills and personal interviews with members of the production team conducted between 1999 and 2000. Black-and-white photographs complement the text, and an appendix lists "Marnie" cast and crew members.


An updated edition was released in 2013:

Additional material addresses Hitchcock's unrealized project Mary Rose and his efforts to bring it to the screen, the director's visual style and subjective approach to "Marnie", and an exploration of the "real" Alfred Hitchcock. The book also addresses criticisms of the director following the HBO television movie "The Girl", which depicted the filming of "Marnie". With newly obtained access to the Hitchcock Collection Production Archives at the Margaret Herrick Library, the files of Jay and Lewis Allen, and the memoirs of Winston Graham — as well as interviews in 2012 with the Hitchcock crew — this new edition of "Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie" provides an invaluable look behind the scenes of a film that has finally been recognized for its influence and vision.


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