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Hitchcock on Hitchcock: Volume 1 (1995) edited by Sidney Gottlieb

editor Sidney Gottlieb
publisher University of California Press (1995)
Faber and Faber (UK 1995)
ISBN 0571191363
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Although Alfred Hitchcock is well-known for his interviews — especially his celebrated one with François Truffaut — he also wrote extensively about the cinema during the course of his life. These writings, which are gathered together in this book, are meditations on film art in general, as well as attempts to define his own art in particular, expressed in a manner that reflects the delight that he took in film-making. The essays focus directly on Hitchcock's life, his films and his film practice. He deals with fear, the mechanics of suspense, and the position of women in his films and in the audience — and in the process he reveals a great deal about the complex creation and manipulation of his public persona. The pieces also include a description of how he proposed to his wife.


A Life in Films

Actors, Actresses, Stars

Thrills, Suspense, the Audience

Film Production

  • Introduction
  • Films We Could Make (1927)
  • "Stodgy" British Pictures (1934)
  • If I Were Head of a Production Company (1935)
  • More Cabbages, Fewer Kings: A Believer in the Little Man (1937)
  • Much Ado About Nothing? (1937)
  • Directors Are Dead (1937)
  • Director's Problems (1938)
  • The Censor and Sydney Street (1938)
  • The Censor Wouldn't Pass It ( 1938)
  • Old Ruts Are New Ruts (1939)
  • Production Methods Compared (1949)
  • Film Production (1965)
  • In the Hall of Mogul Kings (1969)

Technique, Style, and Hitchcock at Work

  • Introduction
  • On Music in Films (1933-1934)
  • Close Your Eyes and Visualize! (1936)
  • Search for the Sun (1937)
  • Direction (1937)
  • Some Aspects of Direction (1938)
  • Lecture at Columbia University (1939)
  • My Most Exciting Picture (1948)
  • On Style (1963)
  • Hitchcock Talks About Lights, Camera, Acdon (1967)
  • It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... The Birds {1968)
  • Hitchcock at Work (1976)



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