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Hollywood Magazine (1942) - Hollywood Newsreel: Carole Lombard


  • article: Hollywood Newsreel
  • journal: Hollywood Magazine (March 1942)
  • issue: volume 31, issue 3, page 14
  • journal ISSN:
  • publisher: Fawcett Publications, Inc.
  • keywords: Carole Lombard



All the world grieves at the sudden and tragic death of Carole Lombard, the first Hollywood personality who died in the service of her country. Carole was returning to Hollywood after selling $2,000,000 in Defense Bonds in her native Indiana. This is one of the last pictures taken of the patriotic star before the ill-fated plane plummeted her, her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Peters, and 19 other passengers to their death. Carole is shown with her devoted husband, Clark Gable, and their very good friend, Jack Benny. The editors of Hollywood salute the memory of a truly great person