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Hollywood Magazine (1942) - Saboteur


  • article: Saboteur
  • journal: Hollywood Magazine (July 1942)
  • issue: volume 31, issue 7, page 69
  • journal ISSN:
  • publisher: Fawcett Publications, Inc.





Saboteur, like previous Alfred Hitchcock films, will keep you on the edge of your seat. It deftly combines all the nerve-tingling elements for which Hitchcock is famous—melodramatic situations, lurid characters, sly humor, the young couple beset by sinister forces, and a final thrilling chase which has its climax in the Statue of Liberty. Robert Cummings portrays a young worker in a defense plant who is unjustly suspected of setting fire to the plant. To prove his innocence, he travels all the way across the continent, encountering various exciting moments in a deserted ghost town, on a ranch, and in a fashionable Fifth Avenue mansion. Priscilla Lane is the young girl who first suspects him, but finally comes to believe in his- innocence and helps him in capturing the real criminal. The supporting cast is excellent, especially young Norman Lloyd, late of the Broadway stage, who has the role of the real saboteur.