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Hull Daily Mail (15/Feb/1927) - The Pleasure Garden




The screen was at one time almost swamped with sex-dramas, to such an extent that producers of this type of film discovered they were losing their public, and turned their attentions elsewhere. But there is now showing in Hull a film that is the very personification of sex upon the screen. In "The Pleasure Garden," there is not only the usual debauched or debauching heroine, but four other characters actively involving themselves in pseudo-love amid settings varying from the London stage to the Italian Lakes and the Far East. But if this film is somewhat vicious in character, it is at least "slick" in the extreme, and provides excellent fare, except in the parts where sentiment is converted into depravity. Virginia Valli stars as a chorus girl who marries the wrong man, and then makes amends by marrying the right one on the former's decease.