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John Hitchcock (b. ~1722)




  • born around 1722


Susannah Ham (b. ~1723)

  • born around 1723
  • daughter of Enoch Ham and either Hester Farrar or Elizabeth Salmon[1]
  • married 20/Oct/1748 to John Hitchcock[2]
  • died 1804[3]


John Hitchcock (b. ~1748)

Enoch Hitchcock (b. ~1752)

Mary Hitchcock (b. ~1755)

  • born around 1755
  • baptised 09/Feb/1775

William Hitchcock (b. ~1758)


  • likely died around 1800

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Research Notes

Notes & References

  1. It's uncertain from the records which of the two women Enoch Ham was married to.
  2. Marriage registered 1748 Dedham.
  3. Buried 13/Feb/1804.
  4. Born in Harwich. Died 1805 aged 55. Buried 09/Mar/1805
  5. Baptised 04/Apr/1776. Married in 1798 to Thomas Jones. Lived in Sudbury, then moved to Bethnal Green, London. Mother of Thomas Jones (b. 1796), Hannah Jones (b. 1799), Charles Jones (b. 1802) and George Jones (b. ~1810). Died 1854 in Bethnal Green.
  6. Baptised 20/Oct/1777.
  7. Born 03/Aug/1779 and baptised 07/Jun/1780.
  8. Born 13/Jan/1781 and baptised 08/Feb/1781. Lived on Dedham Street and worked as a cooper. Married Harriet Hitchcock (b. ~1800). Father of Ebenezer Hitchcock (b. ~1825). Died 1860, aged 79, and was buried on 26/May/1860 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham.
  9. Born 03/Jan/1783 and baptised 08/Nov/1784. Died 1819, aged 35, and was buried on 09/Apr/1819 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham.
  10. Born 24/Aug/1784 and baptised 08/Nov/1784. Probably married in 1805 to Elizabeth Sharp. Likely father of Elizabeth Hitchcock (b. 1810). Died 1836, aged 53, and was buried on 09/Jun/1836 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham.
  11. Lived on Dedham Street and worked as a cooper (later worked as a clerk at the parish church, St. Mary the Virgin). Father of Henry Hitchcock (b. 1827) who became a tailor, John Hitchcock (b. 1831) who became a cooper, George Hitchcock (b. 1825) and Ebenezer Hitchcock (b. 1822). Died 30/Jan/1872, aged 81, and was buried on 06/Feb/1872 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham.
  12. Buried on 07/Apr/1825 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham.
  13. Baptised 25/Aug/1777.
  14. Baptised 30/Jun/1780.
  15. Buried 18/Dec/1819 at St. Nicholas, Harwich.
  16. Daughter of James Martin and Sarah Martin née Harmony. Died 1832, aged 69.
  17. Buried on 26/May/1833 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham.