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John Hitchcock (b. ~1748)

John Hitchcock worked as a cooper in Dedham, Essex.




  • born around 1748
  • baptised 09/Feb/1775 at Dedham Street Independent Chapel


Martha Nevard (b. ~1749)

  • born around 1749 in Harwich
  • married 1775 to John Hitchcock
  • died 1805 aged 55
  • buried 09/Mar/1805


Martha Hitchcock (b. 1776)

John Hitchcock (b. 1777)

  • born 23/Sep/1777
  • baptised 20/Oct/1777 at Dedham Street Independent Chapel

Thomas Hitchcock (b. 1779)

  • born 03/Aug/1779
  • baptised 07/Jun/1780 at Dedham Street Independent Chapel
  • very likely married Mary ? (b. ~1778)[1]
  • very likely died 1838 in Manningtree, Essex[2]

Enoch Hitchcock (b. 1781)

Not to be confused with his cousin Enoch Hitchcock (b. ~1780), son of Enoch Hitchcock (b. ~1752) and Rose Hitchcock.

Hannah Hitchcock (b. 1783)

  • born 03/Jan/1783
  • baptised 08/Nov/1784 at Dedham Street Independent Chapel
  • died 1819 aged 35
  • buried 09/Apr/1819 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham

William Hitchcock (b. 1784)

  • born 24/Aug/1784
  • baptised 08/Nov/1784
  • probably married 1805 to Elizabeth Sharp (b. ?)
  • likely father of Elizabeth Hitchcock (b. 1810)[6]
  • died 1836 aged 53
  • buried 09/Jun/1836 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham

Mary Hitchcock (b. ~1785)

  • born around 1785
  • died 1850 aged 65
  • buried 04/Oct/1850 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham

Henry Hitchcock (b. ~1787)

Ebenezer Hitchcock (b. 1790)

Married 3 times, with his children being born to his first wife, Mary.


  • died 1825 aged 77
  • death reported in the Bury and Norwich Post (13/Apr/1825)
  • buried on 07/Apr/1825 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham

Family Tree


Research Notes

  • The Ipswich Journal (18/May/1793) carried details of an auction (to be held on 24/May/1793) of several houses on "Compaffes-lane" in Dedham. "Mr. John Hitchcock of Dedham, cooper" is named as the contact for enquiries.

Notes & References

  1. Mary died in 1830 and was buried 14/Mar/1830 in Manningtree, Essex.
  2. Recorded in Index to Death Duty Registers 1796-1903 (IR27/245)
  3. Listed as a cooper of Dedham in Pigot's Directory 1839. Listed as a "cooper and shopkeeper" in the 1851 Post Office Directory of the area.
  4. Born in Hadleigh, Suffolk (approx. 20 miles north of Dedham). Died 19/Mar/1836.
  5. Worked as a cooper. Married 1851 to Charlotte Ann Walter (b. ~1829) and then moved to Sudbury. Father of Ann Hitchcock (b. 1852) who died in 1911 aged 58, Charlotte Ellen Hitchcock (b. 1854) who married Frederick William Taylor in 1880 and who died in 1832 aged 78, and Ebenezer Walter Hitchcock (b. 1856) who died in 1873 aged 16. He died 1911 aged 87, the same year as his daughter Ann and his grandson Robert Taylor, possibly in an event which killed them all such as a house fire.
  6. Born 01/Nov/1810.
  7. The 1851 Post Office Directory lists him as a "glass dealer and cooper".
  8. She died before 1841, when Ebenezer was listed as a widower in the Census. Possibly Mary Jerry who married an Ebenezer Hitchcock in December 1821 in Whitechapel, London?
  9. Daughter of Alexander White. She died 1850.
  10. She was a local unmarried grocer who lived with her sister Susan Barber. Ebenezer definitely got remarried in 1862 and his wife is given as Mary Hitchcock in the 1871 Census. The strongest candidate is Mary Barber, who was also married that year, but Mary's age varies in the census returns, placing her year of birth between 1795 and 1801.
  11. Worked as a tailor and later became Parish Clerk.
  12. Worked as a cooper.