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John Loder

Loder with [[Sylvia Sidney]] in [[Sabotage]] (1936)


John Loder (1898–1988), born William John Muir Lowe, was a British actor.

In an acting career spanning nearly 50 years, Loder appeared in German, French, British and American films.

Loder was married five times, including a short marriage to American actress Hedy Lamarr, and became an American citizen in September 1947.

Loder died in London, aged 90.


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  • born William John Muir Lowe 03/Jan/1898 in London, England
  • baptised 22/Feb/1898 at St Paul, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London
  • son of William Henry Muir Lowe (b. 1861)[1] and Frances Broster Lowe (b. ~1861) née de Salvo[2]
  • brother of Elizabeth Frances Lowe (b. ?) and Caroline Betty Muir Lowe (b. ~1899)
  • died 26/Dec/1988 in London


  • married 26/Jun/1936 to actress Micheline Cheirel (b. 1917) — divorced 1941
  • married 27/May/1943 to actress Hedy Lamarr (b. 1914) — divorced July 1947
  • married 23/Nov/1949 to Evelyn Auff Mordt (b. ?) — divorced 1955
  • married 22/Sep/1958 to Alba Julia Lagomarsino (b. ?)

Research Documents

American Citizenship (1947)


  1. Born 20/Oct/1861 in India. Died 07/Feb/1944.
  2. Died 1942.